Ginnungagap [Official Music Video]

posted on 03-01-2017

Ginnungagap is from our NEW ALBUM entitled SOL.
Watch the video, enjoy the music and SHARE IT with the world!

If you want to order the SOL album, order an alvenrad cd on our webshop and leave a comment that you want the SOL album or send a mail to sowulo.mail@gmail.com with your request.

Ginnungagap Story Video

posted on 04-12-2016

The theme of the new album will be the cycles that are created by the Sun. But first, let us dwell upon the origin of the Universe.

Album announcement

posted on 05-11-2016

Dageraad Music Video

posted on 07-03-2016

Hereby we present you our newest music video.
Dageraad is about the dawning of the day and new life.

Midwinter Fair

posted on 09-12-2014

We enjoyed our Midwinter Ritual at Archeon very much.
Thank you all for joining us in celebration of our great pagan heritage though our performance.

It was great to see how you all reacted on our newest member of the Sowulo sibbe, Pan. We are very proud that he has joined our crew and our group feels stronger then ever.

So this winter we will work on new material, and we promise you that it is going to be awesome!


posted on 09-06-2014

We want to thank all those lovely heathens who have spend time with us during Keltfest last weekend.
We enjoyed it very much and we hope this wasn't the last time to contribute to this beautiful festival!
If you missed us, stay tuned for some epic video footage in the nearby future.

Also thanks to our awesome crew who made it all possible: you're the best!

Sowulo Sibbe

Keltisch Midzomer Festival

posted on 08-04-2014

We wil perform our ritual on Keltisch Midzomer Festival 2014!
Come and join us in celebrating our great pagan legacy, our heathen music can be heard each day of the festival (4-5-6 July)

Hope to see all you crazy pagans there!

Keltfest 2014

posted on 15-12-2013

We're honoured to contribute to the wonderful pagan festival KELTFEST 2014!

''We can add another name to the Keltfest 2014 line-up! Sowulo will use their ambient folk tunes to take you the Viking world and their myths. This promises to be a very special experience on stage!''

Our release party was amazing!

posted on 03-11-2013

We want to thank everyone who was present, and made our ritual as strong as it was on our release party...

The opening of our ritual with inviting our ancestors and the gods by Eugen made it a very powerful experience, full of depth.
The warmth of Sowulo filled our chests.

We hope all you Heathens have experienced a similar warmth, while connecting to your ancestors, during your own Samhain ritual.

Mabon / Harbista

posted on 25-09-2013

We had a great Mabon / Harbista last weekend!

We celebrated the balance of day and night. And we offered to, and thanked the Germanic gods for the good harvest of last year. And yes we are looking back on a fruitful year.
(friendship, awesome musical experiences, love, good health, spirituality and of course the release of our debute album)

We also took time to ask for protection during the harsh winter months that are coming, despite our comfortable modern houses.

Hope all of you heathens also had a nice Mabon / Harbista!